About the Artist

I’m a self-taught artist and musician who creates contemporary art quilts. Lightweight and easy to hang, the quilts add color and pizzazz to office cubicles and living spaces. I hope viewers will discover their own unique interpretations in the abstract artworks and use them for creative reflection and inspiration. A strong musical feeling is inherently expressed in each quilt because, as an avid musician, I sing and play the Celtic harp, five string banjo, guitar, harmonica and recorder. 


Making the Quilts

My design process is improvisational and intuitive. Beginning with a blank square of cotton cloth pinned to an easel, I cut and affix fabric pieces, building up layers while keeping an eye on color, balance and motion. At a certain point I sew on a frame-like border, which becomes an integral part of the piece, and finally complete the work with layers of batting and backing, all quilted together in a non-traditional way. The works are untitled, but cataloged using Greek letters.

Arts in Healthcare

Creating art is also a visceral response to my challenging work as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, caring for hospital patients with complex and serious medical conditions.